Affiliated Institutions and Corporate Members

An Affiliated Institution is a status for being associated with ATHEA and reserved for institutions and corporations associated with higher education who wish to learn, be informed, and potentially receive assistance from ATHEA relative to quality improvement in higher education.

Corporate members include our sponsors and support agencies.

Peregrine Global

Consultant and Corporate Member

Peregrine Global includes two companies, Peregrine Academic Services and the Peregrine Leadership Institute, along with our global partners and associates. Peregrine Global provides online exam and education support services, consulting services related to accreditation, and leadership capacity development. Peregrine Global is the principle consultant for ATHEA relative to developing the ESG-based accreditation processes, procedures, and documents.

Affiliated Institutions are not necessarily on an immediate path for accreditation, rather perhaps at a later time the institution will be ready to embark on ATHEA accreditation.

ATHEA's Affiliated Institutions also includes our corporate partners, along with our activity and event sponsors.