Publications Related to the Accreditation Process

ATHEA is the membership-based association, the Association for Transnational Higher Education Accreditation. Within ATHEA, the ATHEA Board of Commissioners conducts the accreditation-related activities for the association. 

The Scope of Accreditation is to provide educational, accrediting, quality assurance and other services to its member institutions, degree/diploma granting post-secondary educational institutions offering higher education and located inside or outside the European area, including, but not limited to, the countries who are signatories of the Bologna Protocols.

The purpose of these documents is to describe the ATHEA accreditation process for conducting accreditation. The Accreditation Process Manual provides the basis for evaluating institutions relative to determining accreditation.

The following documents support the application of the Accreditation Process Manual:

  1. ATHEA Scope of Operations
  2. ATHEA Accreditation Process Manual
  3. ATHEA Standards and Expectations for Accreditation
  4. ATHEA Accreditation and Candidacy Template - Self-Study
  5. ATHEA Accreditation and Candidacy - Site Visit Checklist
  6. ATHEA Board of Commissioners Manual
  7. Site Evaluator’s Report

ATHEA Scope of Operations
The ATHEA Scope of Operations defines ATHEA's primary activities.
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