ATHEA is the Association for Transnational Higher Education Accreditation, a membership non-profit association registered in Vienna, Austria (ZVR-Zahl 378490525). ATHEA is governed by a Board of Directors who are elected by the membership.  THEA is the Transnational Higher Education Accreditation, the service provided to institutional members. THEA activities are conducted by the THEA Board of Commissioners, who are appointed by the ATHEA Board of Directors.

The ATHEA Executive Director is Dr. Günther Singer

The ATHEA Office is located at:

           Rauhensteingasse 7/24

           1010 Vienna - Austria

           Phone: +43 1 2297163


Peregrine Academic Services is ATHEA's primary consultant entity for the development of the accreditation standards, practicies, policies, and procedures. Dr. Olin Oedekoven, President & CEO of Peregrine Academic Services and Mr. William Parrott, Director of Strategic Alliances, are Peregrine's primary consultants for ATHEA.  

          P.O. Box 741

          Gillette, WY 82717


           +1 307 685 1555